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Education with an understanding of the brain

Branching Out Enterprises Pty Ltd exists to provide hope by improving participants ability to manage life challenges. This can be achieved through better understanding of the brain and developing healthy neurological thought processes. Our values are Hope, Health and Healing.

Based in

Brisbane, Queensland


Our Purpose

Promote Understanding

Help people understand how the brain and mind work to process thoughts from a neurological perspective

Equip with Neuroeducational Tools

Provide people with tools using Applied Neuroscience research to enhance learning and build coping strategies


Enable people to harness Applied Neuroscience research to improve their capacity to deal with everyday challenges, difficulties and setbacks.


Provide practical neurological tools to build emotional buoyancy, enhance learning and improve healthy coping strategies


In an era where stress and life’s complexities are rising, the age-old wisdom of “prevention is better than a cure” holds more significance than ever before. Conventional quick-fix solutions to everyday challenges often need to address the underlying causes of life’s hurdles. Recent advancements in Psychology, Education, and Neuroscience (PEN) have shed light on how our brains handle stress, opening doors to effective strategies for managing life’s adversities. Utilising an Action Research methodology, Monique’s doctoral work has led to the creation and testing of the Neuroeducation Buoyancy Program (NBP). This program and strategies incorporate cutting-edge applied neuroscience techniques tailored to enhance people’s diminishing everyday resilience. It empowers them to confront challenges, setbacks, and obstacles with renewed hope and success.


Branching-Out Enterprises offers personalised support tailored to schools, community organisations, and churches’ unique needs. This customised approach harnesses understandings from Applied Neuroscience to address the mental construct of buoyancy and enhance individuals’ everyday resilience.

By implementing our approach, individuals in these diverse settings can develop the mental fortitude necessary to navigate life’s challenges, setbacks, and difficulties with increased confidence and success. We believe that building buoyancy, which underpins resilience, is crucial for empowering people to face the demands of modern society. Whether it’s students in schools, members of community organisations, or congregants in churches, our personalised support aims to equip individuals with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in their daily lives.

Research outcomes and participant comments

“Over the past six months, I have seen the benefits of the work Monique has done with the Year 7s regarding their buoyancy. The training clearly has assisted these young adolescents to better cope with the stresses of starting high school, dealing with multiple staff members, growing expectations and responsibilities, and the pressure of their peers (Mrs B).” – AFTER NBP

“The most important thing I have learnt throughout this crash course experience is to never give up; to succeed you need to experience failure and press onwards.” – BUOYANT ATTITUDE

“I have learnt from this unit about buoyancy and about a variety of methods to stay relaxed in order to overcome the issues we face.” – INTENTIONAL THINKING

“I realised in this buoyancy program that I need friends. I can’t have a healthy lifestyle without them. Now I have very close friends who I know I can count on.” – IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIPS

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